New Car Average MPG Hits 24.8

New Car Average MPG Hits 24.8

Average gas mileage for new-cars has risen to an all-time high in America: 24.8 mpg in May 2013.

The statistic comes from the University of Michigan’s Transport Research Institute (UMTRI) which reported that the average gas mileage in March was 24.6. The year started off with a sales-weighted average of 24.5 mpg in January.

UMTRI has been tracking data since October 2007 when the average gas mileage of new cars was just 20.8 mpg. The data is calculated by taking the monthly sales of individual models of cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks and then paired with the EPA window sticker gas mileage of each vehicle sold.

The research institute also tracks two Eco-Driving Index (EDI) measurements, one for average fuel used per distance in miles and one for distance driven by an individual driver. Distance driven has remained consistent since October 2007 – it’s at 98 percent of that value – but fuel used per distance has dropped 17 percent. That shows that drivers are still driving the same distances on average, but consuming a lot less fuel.

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