New Chevrolet Diesel Pickup Truck Confirmed

New Chevrolet Diesel Pickup Truck Confirmed

General Motors has been dropping hints concerning a new generation of diesel pickups for some time, and an engineer from Chevrolet has now confirmed to AutoGuide that a diesel will arrive in a non-heavy duty pickup truck in the near future. 

That means that the brand’s half-ton Silverado could receive the oil burner, or it could fall to the smaller Colorado, which is set to return to the North American market in 2014 as a 2015 model year vehicle.

Considering that RAM is now offering a diesel engine in the 1500, a diesel-powered Silverado isn’t out of the question. But it seems that the Colorado is a more viable option for the engine, as it can be introduced from the start, and capitalize on a segment that offers no competition: small diesel-powered pickup trucks. The Chevrolet Colorado offers 2.5 and 2.8-liter diesel engines already in other parts of the world.

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The Silverado is also set for some other enhancements, most notably an eight-speed transmission. While it is not confirmed outright, AutoGuide was told that an eight-speed hooked up to Silverado in the future is a “fair assumption.”

Don’t expect Silverado upgrades for at least another year however, as Chevy is still working to get its bread-and-butter trucks out to consumers, as only one of three assembly plants responsible for the 2014 Silverado is currently online.

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  • Martin Shell

    If the engines are anything like Duramax engines , I want one !

  • Robert

    May have a Diesel like the Chevy Cruze that is coming from Germany via Fiat / Italy

  • Clark

    Or possibly have the same high MPG like the VW from Europe or a few that have shown up here from Canada producing around 70 – 75 MPG. That would be nice.

  • paul newton

    If their anything like the VW TDI, I’m in! Have the VW TDI and its incredable! also gets30+ mpg in town and I climb 1000 ft. in 3 mile getting home ea. day

  • Fishfreq

    Guys, hang on a sec! We’re talking about a mid or full-size american truck here not a diesel VW Rabbit! It will likely get mpg in the mid 20’s to maybe 30 with a good tail wind. I’ll be excited if they can deliver that, able to tow 5,000-6,000, with NO additional diesel catalyst fluid BS! I know, dreamin’!

  • ColumWood

    No DEF will be tough, especially considering the Duramax diesel already uses it.

  • Chad

    Why did they have to make the front end look like a Malibu? Based on looks, it looks bretty wimpy. Come on GM designers! You can do better than that!

  • Dan

    Im sold and will be putting my money where my mouth is, build this truck please! My Duramax needs a little brother

  • Ryan

    That thing is HORRIBLY ugly

  • Al

    I hope they bring small truck diesels to the US to encourage VW to bring their Amarok diesel to the US among others from other manufacturers.

  • J.G.

    Sounds great, but they need to bring back a good looking small truck though. Those things are UGLY. I have a 2000 S10 ZR2 and people still say its one of the coolest looking trucks out there (5900lbs towing capacity to). They need to come back with an American midsized truck that looks good to, not this euro crap look. A diesel would be great if it had some decent towing capacity. Not everyone wants a huge truck.

  • yougo

    The German made Diesel Engine that they have in the VW, small Truck would be nice, in a small Single Cab Pickup Chevrolet truck , the size they had back in the `1980’s . A quality made American made truck with torque also. A solid work truck..
    A reasonable price truck be sold in America for the poor and low middle class.