New York Bill Attempts to Put Tesla Out of Business in the State

New York Bill Attempts to Put Tesla Out of Business in the State

After losing its lawsuit against Tesla, New York auto dealers are backing a bill submitted to the state’s legislature in hopes to block direct car sales for Tesla.

According to the American automaker, the bill would essentially put Tesla out of business in New York, meaning all the jobs and New York-based suppliers for Tesla would take a hit. Worst, New York residents wouldn’t even have the opportunity to get their hands on a Tesla vehicle, which is not just bad for the automaker, but for the marketplace and its consumers.

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Things have been heating up between Tesla and in various states, as auto dealers around the nation are trying to block Tesla’s direct sales. The American automaker made it clear that “selling through intermediaries at this stage of the company will not work.” Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to ask Tesla fans to make a call to the New York state senator to help block the bill.

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  • smartacus

    and NY is a blue state.

  • The Mick.

    That is bull. The big auto companies are just scared. Like when the Tucker came out. They screwed him. Then the Deloren. They screwed him too. If they dont like to lose sales to Tesla, then they should build a car that isnt a piece of crap. The big 3 auto makers just produce plastic crap. I love the USA, but would never own a new car from the big 3. It would be more satisfying to just flush my money down the toilet. Tesla makes quality, something the other makers have lost sight of. No wonder Toyota out sells Ford,GM, and Chrysler. And i dont much care for Toyota either. I drive a Porsche and an Acura. One that was built in Japan. Not here. I believe in Buy American, but 1st we have to produce something of quality worth buying. The only thing we build better than the rest of the world are jet fightets. How many of you neighbors own one?