NISMO GT-R Targets Sub 7:18 Nurburgring Time With Over 570-HP

NISMO GT-R Targets Sub 7:18 Nurburgring Time With Over 570-HP

Expected to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this year, Nissan will unveil its most extreme supercar killer to date, the NISMO GT-R.

According to the latest reports, the NISMO tuned GT-R will run a sub- 7:18 Nurburgring lap time, putting it right near the top of the ‘Ring leaderboard. To claim ‘King-of-the-Ring’ status it will, however, need to shave more than six seconds off that estimate – with the current production car record holder being the Viper ACR.

In an interview with Top Gear, an unnamed Nissan spokesman claimed the NISMO GT-R will be, “of great value and offer the same concept as other Nismo products,” namely, “more power, better handling and improved looks.”

When pushed for power estimates the company rep would only say output would be “more than 570bhp.” Expect a faster lap time to come from further suspension advancements and aerodynamic adjustments.

GALLERY: 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition

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[Source: TopGear]

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