Nissan Leaf Sales Beat Chevy Volt Year to Date

Nissan Leaf Sales Beat Chevy Volt Year to Date

Nissan took the hack-and-slash route with its Leaf Electric car, cutting prices dramatically with increased sales numbers in mind.

It’s working. The Japanese automaker dropped $6,000 from the car’s price this year and the numbers speak for themselves. Year-to-date, Nissan reports selling 7,614 of its EVs. That’s up 191.4 percent over last year and 457 units better than the same figure for the Chevrolet Volt.

For 2013, the Leaf claims a slightly longer range with an EPA rated 75-mile maximum on one charge. That’s only a sight increase, and not likely a large factor in the car’s new-found success. Lowering the price is another story altogether.

Last year, Chevrolet sold 23,461 Volts while Nissan only managed to move 9,819 of its Leaf EVs. Already, the two cars are nearly neck-and-neck, with the Nissan taking the edge.

A month ago, GM CEO Dan Akerson said the Volt is costing the company money. Nonetheless, the brand will reduce the price by $10,000 for the next generation. Looking to take advantage of economies of scale, the company could reuce production costs by increasing volume. That will already happen as Cadillac introduces the ELR: a luxury cousin to the Volt.

  • Mike

    I just priced a Leaf on Nisson’s site. It would cost me 29,650 for a Leaf. A Volt is $39,995. These are both before any tax credits. The difference is I can’t purchase the required second new car for the $10,345 price differential that I would “save”. The Leaf’s range is so short that you can’t get across most major US metropolitan areas and back. With the Volt you can. This makes the Volt a much better buy if you don’t already have a second car.

  • LEAFican

    The EPA rates the 13MY LEAF at 84 miles of range when charged to 100%. They decided to average 80% range and 100% range to come up with the “official” number for some reason.

  • George Johnson

    The LEAF is just an overall better car!
    $10,000 less makes it all the sweeter!