NYC Driver’s Test Failed by Over Half Who Took it

NYC Driver’s Test Failed by Over Half Who Took it

To someone unfamiliar with the place, New York City traffic seems as devoid of laws as a WWF Royal Rumble.

Despite that, people seem to arrive at their office and homes without too many problems. Cars in New York wear dings like a soldier’s battle scars. The melee that is Manhattan rush hour traffic can be arresting; even for experienced drivers. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that young New Yorkers are clueless about road rules. So clueless,in fact, that only 46 percent of them passed their drivers tests last year.

Driver education programs in New York City schools are being cut, which could help account for the declining pass rate. With fewer programs available, young drivers are turning to friends and relatives for lessons that might not serve them as well.

[Source: NY Daily News]


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