Passat TDI Averages 78 MPG, Sets Guinness Record

Passat TDI Averages 78 MPG, Sets Guinness Record

Volkswagen announced today that it’s diesel-powered Passat set a new record to fuel economy driving through every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

The automaker announced its attempt to set a new record earlier this month. Using a Passat TDI, the drivers manage to cover the 8,122 mile course in 16 days with an average 77.99 mpg, the company said today. Previously, the record sat at 67.9 mpg.

That’s well above the EPA ratings, which suggest the diesel Passat should offer 43 mpg during highway driving when equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. Not only does that beat the old record for a non-hybrid car, but it also bests the hybrid vehicle record, which sat at 64.6 mpg.

Hypermiler Wayne Gerdes set the record working with his co-driver Bob Winger who is an electronics engineers. Gerdes has set mileage records in over 100 vehicles.

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