Peugeot 208 Race Car Testing at Pikes Peak – Video

Peugeot 208 Race Car Testing at Pikes Peak – Video

Sébastien Loeb will take his best shot at capturing a win this year at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the Peugeot 208 T16 race car, and the brand has released a video of Loeb taking his first test runs up the Pikes Peak course. 

The 208 T16 has a power to weight ratio of 1:1, and a mid-rear positioned bi-turbo V6 that makes 875 hp. Combine that with all-wheel drive, and a six-foot wing wide on the back, and you begin to understand why the car sticks so well in those tight hairpin turns shown in the video, which gives us a first-person point of view of the daunting track.

This year’s race will mark Peugeot’s return to Pikes Peak after a 14 year absence, and it will also be Loeb’s first time in the running, although he is no race novice, having captured nine WRC world championships in a row from 2004-2012.

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