Pontiac G6 Reviewed by Feds for Faulty Brake Lights

Pontiac G6 Reviewed by Feds for Faulty Brake Lights

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that an investigation into brake light issues on 2005 and 2006 Pontiac G6s has been upgraded to an engineering analysis.

The issue is that brake light functions have been going into reverse operation on these cars. When the brake pedal is not being used, the brake lights will stay on and will turn off when the pedal is depressed. Additionally, drivers complained about the cars being hard to shift out of park, and that cruise control does not engage properly.

The issues have been under investigation since February, after NHTSA received hundreds of complaints about the lights. Back in 2009, GM issued a recall for 7,927 05′ and 85 06′ G6 vehicles for malfunctioning brake lights, but NHTSA has received enough complaints on vehicles that were not included in that recall to look into the problem once again.

At the end of the engineering analysis, NHTSA will decide whether or not a recall is necessary in this case.

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