Porsche Go-Kart Hopes to Hook Kids Early

Porsche Go-Kart Hopes to Hook Kids Early

Porsche’s latest vehicle weighs 55 lbs, sports one seat and could build brand loyalty long before its driver understands the difference between a Porsche 911 and a Nissan Versa.

Hot-shoe shennanigans can now start with five-year-olds in the Porsche camp thanks to the new toy. As is the case with anything bearing the Stuttgart brand’s badge, high quality parts go toward a product based on “Porsche Intelligence Performance.”

Composite wheel rims with “simulated” center locks are shod in low profile inflatable tires with inner tubes. No ordinary seat will do. Instead, Porsche outfits its “Driver’s Selection Go-Kart” with a specific sport seat. Standard equipment also includes both a pedal brake and hand brake to “ensure optimal deceleration.”

Potential drivers must weight less than 110 lbs and can’t be any taller than five feet. The toy costs $900 and is available through Porsche’s online store.

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  • I drive a Nissan Versa. It may not be a Porsche, but does get 48 mpg has more interior room than most Porsche models, and because it is so economical and fund to drive, I average over 5000 miles a month in it