Ram Considering Luxury Truck Above Laramie Longhorn

Ram Considering Luxury Truck Above Laramie Longhorn

There was a time when the term “luxury pickup truck” seemed like an oxymoron, but premium pickups are in high demand these days.

Which is why Ram CEO Reid Bigland isn’t hesitant to say that the American automaker isn’t quite sold that the Laramie Longhorn is the ceiling for the market. Priced at over $50,000 for a well-equipped model, the Laramie Longhorn Edition Ram pickup might not be the most expensive pickup Ram has to offer for long.

According to Bigland, Ram 1500 crew cab sales were up 63 percent in May and Bigland isn’t even sure “where the ceiling is on the premium pickup truck.”

Unfortunately he didn’t go into details on what a super-premium pickup truck would entail, but did mention that the automaker would have to be careful that the additional options weren’t just “frivolous.” Regardless, other automakers have seen a growth in the premium truck market and has reaped the benefits by outfitting their models with luxurious interiors and flashy exterior accessories.

In addition, the Ram brand is looking to expand into the commercial truck market. The American automaker will be importing the smaller Fiat Doblo to compete with the Ford Transit Connect, while the Fiat Ducato-based ProMaster launches within the next three months.

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  • Harry

    Rather than a souped-up 1500, RAM should build a 2500 or 3500 Camper’s special. These would have the same options as the Laramie but a few changes which would make them more usable for the RV and off-road group of enthusiasts. Build up the frame and suspension so it will support the heavy loads of fifth wheel trailers and truck campers. Change the bed so it is made of thicker metal which won’t bend when you put your finger on it. Improve the towing capacity and have options for increasing the load capacity in increments of one to tow thousand pounds above the standard set-up. Add tool boxes under the sides with lockable latches. Provide improved handling by using heavy duty tires which are rated at 3,900 pounds each and/or an option to buy the truck equipped with the 19.5″ commercial wheel and tire. Make these Camper specials in the Quad Cab configuration with a tighter wheel base than the crew cab or other long bed trucks. (When I lived in Europe twenty years ago, most vehicles had a very small turning radius. The Mercedes front wheels could almost be turned to 80°.) These vehicles should be available in either single or dual rear wheels and, of course, 4×4.

    A second design would be the work truck. Work trucks are designed to be used. The current box is almost worthless since it will easily dent if bumped by a block of wood or a 2×4. I know many people who replace the boxes with flat beds or self-designed boxes so they don’t need to worry about denting the box.

    I know the fuel mileage will drop a little, but these are “special purpose” vehicles and most buyers are not as concerned about the mileage as others who only use the truck as basic transportation with a hauling capability.

  • Lee

    How about spending some of that money your making off of these trucks and make them more useable 1st. Start with a long bed on the mega cab.

  • Dustin

    They already have that it’s called the long hauler they plan on releaseing it in 2015, after they get one touring the country to see if it’s worth selling

  • Flowhand

    If you haven’t noticed they already had one tour the U.S. in 2011 and 2012. It was suppose to come out in the end of this year. The reason dodge doesn’t have one in production yet is because they are just cheap and they have to put it in another weight class for being so long. I think dodge just keeps everyones hopes up so they won’t find out how big a piece their product is. Speaking from experience I have a 2011 megacab longbed i had a conversion done in salt lake city, but thats just one persons opinion.