Revo Volkswagen T5 Sets Nurburgring Record for Vans – Videos

Revo Volkswagen T5 Sets Nurburgring Record for Vans – Videos

Vans aren’t exactly the type of vehicles we think of when we think about setting Nurburgring lap records, but Volkswagen tuning specialist Revo wanted to buck tradition by building a T5 to see how it would perform at the legendary track.

The custom Volkswagen T5 broke Sabine Schmitz’s record that was set in a Ford Transit van on the Top Gear television show. Her record lap of 10 minutes and eight seconds was trumped by the T5’s nine minutes and 57.36 seconds. What’s even more impressive is that the T5 covered the full circuit, compared to Schmitz’s “bridge to gantry” lap which is about one mile shorter.

The Revo Volkswagen T5 is powered by a 2.0-liter, twin-turbo diesel engine with 220 hp. The T5 wasn’t even modified very heavily. Performance upgrades include a retuned ECU, Milltek exhaust, and a Forge intercooler and oil cooler combination.

Upgrades to the chassis and suspension include Bilstein’s B14 coilovers, Team Dynamics wheels, and sticky rubber from Dunlop.

Nurburgring veteran Dale Lomas drove the T5 through its record-setting lap. Watch a couple videos on the Revo Volkswagen T5 van below.

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