Spouses are the Worst Backseat Drivers: Study

Spouses are the Worst Backseat Drivers: Study

According to a recent study, husbands and wives are the worst backseat drivers with 40 percent of men saying their wives are the most annoying backseat drivers, and 34 percent of women citing their husbands are the most irritating.

The survey by Insure.com took the opinion of 500 drivers with men finding friends (17 percent) and mothers (15 percent) most annoying after their wives. As for women, mothers and friends also followed with 18 percent reporting mothers and 15 percent reporting friends. Children of all ages were ranked fairly low compared to husbands, wives, friends and mothers.

As for the nagging, most backseat drivers (47 percent) comment about driving speed with 29 percent giving directions. 19 percent of backseat drivers talked too much while 15 percent pushes an imaginary brake pedal with their foot.

The results of the study also has respondents listing annoying passenger behaviors which ranged from making faces and gestures to giving incorrect directions and even “gives commentary on a video game with gun-firing sounds.”

There are plenty of tips offered to make your road trip a little more pleasant including planning your itinerary in advance, planning passenger entertainment ahead of time, and discussing the length and frequency of stops with your passengers.