Viper Stars in First Ever SRT Brand Ad

Viper Stars in First Ever SRT Brand Ad

As if the car needs any help to sell, Chrysler just released a commercial for the 2013 SRT Viper through its YouTube channel.

The spot, which runs a little past two minutes, talks about how a machine can hold emotional value even more than a person when it’s designed properly. You won’t see the new Viper churning clouds of smoke from its rear wheel wells. You won’t see it flailing around corners. In fact, you won’t see much of it at all.

It isn’t until the end of the spot that a few short frames show a Viper leaving its garage and driving down the road. Instead, Chrysler is appealing to the upbringing most of its target audience can relate to. Being crammed in a “horseless carriage,” waiting at the DMV and finally getting your first car are all addressed.

For the fortunate few who are able to afford one, the cumulation of that waiting can be found at a Chrysler dealer with an 8.4-liter V10 brooding under the hood. Or at least that’s what the commercial suggests. Do you disagree?

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  • Burt

    Interesting, as there are currently over 100 (of how few produced?) 2013 Vipers for sale on the internet by dealers with apparently very few takers. Many are not only already under MSRP, but some are even at factory invoice or below. And this for a “new” car when even a redesigned Beetle commands a premium.

    Perhaps it was from when the outgoing (yes, old school) Corvette ZR1 beat it at Laguna Seca in a magazine comparo. Or from the more recent spanking from the Mercedes AMG Black at that same track by that same magazine. Or maybe the double-digit price hike from the last model in 2010 to this latest version.

    Does Ferrari or Lamborghini create expensive TV ads to sell such few cars? It’s a fine ad for something that shouldn’t need one to begin with – word of mouth should be enough.

  • Sam

    It’s not an ad for Viper, it’s an ad for SRT.