Super-Turbo Freightliner Returns to Pikes Peak

Super-Turbo Freightliner Returns to Pikes Peak

Veteran driver Mike Ryan will return to Pikes Peak this year to race his Super-Turbo freightliner to compete in the open division.

Last year Ryan came in ninth place. He returns this year in his freightliner, which uses a 14.0-liter Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine. The massive oil burner boasts a 15:1 compression ratio and has a 2,700 rpm redline. Its body is built entirely from fiberglass and carbon fiber, but the truck still weighs just over five tons (over 10,000 lbs).

Moving that much weight requires a lot of power and this year, Ryan’s truck will ditch the old compound turbo system in favor of a supercharger and a turbocharger. Previously, the system used two turbos; a primary turbo fed boost pressure into a secondary wastegated turbo.

This time, the team will use an 8.3-liter supercharger in place of the primary turbo, which they say will improve throttle response. The engine will also use a new fuel injection system as well as a series of other changes for this year.

Ryan reached the top of Pikes Peak last year in 12 minutes and 39.96 seconds, but the team says he expects to be well into the 11-minute mark this year.

Aside from hill climbs, Ryan also uses the truck for drifting competitions.