‘Thumb Socks’ Seek to Stymie Texting and Driving

‘Thumb Socks’ Seek to Stymie Texting and Driving

Smokers have a small arsenal of gimmicks to keep deadly cravings at bay, but what about teens addicted to texting from behind the wheel? Now they have “thumb socks.”

Even though some studies have shown that there are far worse distractions than replying to your “BFF,” texting while driving is being shunned faster than Krispy Kreme after the South Beach Diet craze kicked in. And for good reason; unlike the fluffy treat, it only takes one text to kill you.

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Freshly-licensed teens are often the focus of anti-distracted driving campaigns — some rife with scare tactics. There’s a new approach that takes a softer touch.

“Thumb Wars” is a campaign run by DoSomething.org that asks teens to sign up and receive two pairs of thumb socks. After signing up, participants are supposed to take a picture of themselves wearing the tip covers. If your photo is picked, DoSomething will turn you into an internet meme. Hopefully they look better than this picture of a dog on the DoSomething site.

“This campaign is designed to attract high school boys and girls,” DoSomething said in a statement.

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