Top 10 Car-Themed Father’s Day Gifts

Top 10 Car-Themed Father’s Day Gifts

Amazing Tool Box

Every set of tools is really only as good as the box that they are stored in, so make sure you dad has somewhere truly special to put his tools, like the 53-inch stainless steel toolbox from Kobalt. This tool chest comes with 16 drawers for tool storage, gas lift shocks for the top shelf, drawer lock system, LED lighting, and even a built-in Pioneer stereo system. If that’s not enough, there is also a 1.6 cubic-ft fridge in the bottom left hand corner of the chest for dad to keep his brews cold.

Of course, all these features don’t come cheap, with the tool chest coming in at $1600.

  • A.Corolla

    What about the chance to slap Jeremy Clarkson in his smug British face? I hear that guy will do anything for money.

  • Matt

    I would give my dad one of those singing mounted plastic fish robots. Just cause I know it would annoy him.

  • jin.woo

    Why didn’t cold beer get an honorable mention here? Bud Lite feels left out…

  • rory

    I got my dad the plunger last year, actually. And it didn’t go over well because he thought it was funny to put it over top of the stick in my mom’s Miata. She got really upset that he switched the gear lever for something so big. The fight was pretty ugly…

  • Elliot

    driving schools are a great idea if you can afford it. I did Skip Barber a year ago. What an experience! Worth every penny.

  • javier

    That guy looks like a worried Mike Ditka, which means this story is bull crap because Ditka never gets worried. He gets shit done.