Top 10 Greatest Mazdas of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Mazdas of All Time

1. Mazda Miata

The Miata might be a small car, but it’s a Goliath in the automotive world. Derived from the European philosophy of small, light weight and roofless, the Miata made many automotive enthusiasts forget about cars like the Triumph Spitfire, MGB, Fiat 124 Spider and Lotus Elan.

It also introduced the idea of a small roadster to a whole new market and demographic, is an icon when it comes to top-down motoring and the go-to car for wannabe race car drivers.

Sitting at just 2,100 lbs in 1990, the Miata soon became the MX-5, but hasn’t lost its way. Now in 2013, an MX-5 weighs about 2,500 lbs, but still maintains its brilliant 50-50 weight balance and is also now outfitted with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine making 167-hp.

Over 23 years it has lost very little of the personality that made it such a success in the first place. Look for a return to its roots when the fourth-generation Miata hits the market soon.

  • Transpower

    Oh, come on. The RX-7 or RX-8 is the number one Mazda for sure….

  • ColumWood

    RX-8? No way. A great car… but for it’s time it was nowhere near the level of the RX-7.

  • Mark Yuri Stephens

    I agree with the Mazda 323 GTX. Could you imagine a Mazdaspeed 3 GTX? AWD? Damn….

  • Hermann

    No B Series?!

  • Kinetis

    The RX-7 was a great car, but it wasn’t a game changer. The Miata changed how the game was played in the small roadster class and dominates it to this day. When there are entire race series’ dedicated to the car and it holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular roadster ever, no question it is Mazda’s shining beacon.

  • UncleB

    Looking for an all electric.

  • Tommy samual

    I can’t see the 929 -1993 up models

  • Murta

    Where is the Cosmo ?