Top 10 Greatest Mazdas of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Mazdas of All Time

10. Mazda 323 GTX

An icon to some, to many more it’s an utter unknown. The Mazda 323 GTX is an homologation car, built in limited quantities in order for Mazda to compete in Group A rallying.

It’s not a romantic story, but the car that was offered to the public could make car fans swoon thanks to its all-wheel drive setup and turbocharged 1.6L engine which made 132 hp, and could put the little hatch into 60 mph territory in about 8 seconds – not bad for a car from the 1980s.

Due to its rarity and turbocharged engine, the GTX became an underground icon amongst tuners.

Perhaps Mazda will some day repeat this wild package, delivering a more traction-friendly version of its popular Mazdaspeed3 in honor of the rally special 323 GTX. There’s always hope!

  • Transpower

    Oh, come on. The RX-7 or RX-8 is the number one Mazda for sure….

  • ColumWood

    RX-8? No way. A great car… but for it’s time it was nowhere near the level of the RX-7.

  • Mark Yuri Stephens

    I agree with the Mazda 323 GTX. Could you imagine a Mazdaspeed 3 GTX? AWD? Damn….

  • Hermann

    No B Series?!

  • Kinetis

    The RX-7 was a great car, but it wasn’t a game changer. The Miata changed how the game was played in the small roadster class and dominates it to this day. When there are entire race series’ dedicated to the car and it holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular roadster ever, no question it is Mazda’s shining beacon.

  • UncleB

    Looking for an all electric.

  • Tommy samual

    I can’t see the 929 -1993 up models

  • Murta

    Where is the Cosmo ?