Top 10 Vehicles From Another Planet

Top 10 Vehicles From Another Planet

6. Nissan Cube

Most extraterrestrial worlds are spherical; all you have to do it look at the full moon on a clear night for proof of the universe’s penchant for roundness. The earth, sun, moon, Jupiter and Kepler-20f are all spheres, just like beach balls, except they’re not contained within the margins of a bin made of plastic pipe and elastic cord.

Flipping convention the bird is Nissan’s Cube. This diminutive box on wheels comes from a world with six identical sides, and each one of them is flat. The car looks like a craps table die sans any dots. Apparently in Japan right angles and straight lines are popular, but what else can you expect from the country that invented square watermelons?

  • Kinetis

    Variety is the spice of life right? I’m glad we have “weird”, interesting cars rolling around. It sure beats a world filled with Beige Camrys.

  • Miradart

    I agree with every entry, but am surprised that the Nissan Juke didn’t get at least an ‘honorable’ mention. Maybe it was too obvious. Haha! Nice job Craig!!


  • Miradart

    OOPS! I posted too soon. Seems the top 10 has 11 steps. My bad. 🙂


  • craigcole

    Thanks, Miradart! Yes, there are 11 pages because of the “title” page.

  • Patrick

    I wonder why the GMC Hummer wasn’t listed. Everyone knows it’s a Hummer when they see that baby drive by.

  • Tatiana Gallegos

    My car ranked #1 🙂 maybe most people are boring for not liking every single car on this list. I love all of them except for that ford van…I don’t do vans

  • No Scion xB? I has a sad. 🙁

  • Richard Joash Tan

    The Tesla Model S is there, right?

  • From Kyoto

    Honda CRZ <3

  • Ritzcraka

    have an IQ, love it.

  • Ritzcraka

    Also had an FJ when they came out but traded it for more towing capacity. So, “Take me to your leader”. And not Barry, we don’t suffer fools well.

  • Honest Abe

    “I have an IQ”. Yea… a low one

  • Ritzcraka

    Ah, you’re an Obamazombie. How cute. Ya know, Lincoln was a republican. Honestly.