Top 10 Vehicles From Another Planet

Top 10 Vehicles From Another Planet

5. Honda CR-Z

Honda’s fuel-sipping CR-Z hybrid hails from the Contradiction Planet where left is right, yes is across the street and the color purple is a basket of puppies. This car is an oxymoron if the auto industry ever built one.

The tiny two-door is billed as a performance hybrid, two traits that, believe it or not, are exclusive to one another. The car is designed to sip fuel and deliver an engaging driving experience. It may be decently thrifty but with a combined total of just 130 horsepower the CR-Z will never deliver breathtaking acceleration and therefore it isn’t all that much fun. At least a proper manual transmission is available. If Honda wanted a three-letter name for this vehicle perhaps they should have gone with W,T and F.

  • Kinetis

    Variety is the spice of life right? I’m glad we have “weird”, interesting cars rolling around. It sure beats a world filled with Beige Camrys.

  • Miradart

    I agree with every entry, but am surprised that the Nissan Juke didn’t get at least an ‘honorable’ mention. Maybe it was too obvious. Haha! Nice job Craig!!


  • Miradart

    OOPS! I posted too soon. Seems the top 10 has 11 steps. My bad. 🙂


  • craigcole

    Thanks, Miradart! Yes, there are 11 pages because of the “title” page.

  • Patrick

    I wonder why the GMC Hummer wasn’t listed. Everyone knows it’s a Hummer when they see that baby drive by.

  • Tatiana Gallegos

    My car ranked #1 🙂 maybe most people are boring for not liking every single car on this list. I love all of them except for that ford van…I don’t do vans

  • No Scion xB? I has a sad. 🙁

  • Richard Joash Tan

    The Tesla Model S is there, right?

  • From Kyoto

    Honda CRZ <3

  • Ritzcraka

    have an IQ, love it.

  • Ritzcraka

    Also had an FJ when they came out but traded it for more towing capacity. So, “Take me to your leader”. And not Barry, we don’t suffer fools well.

  • Honest Abe

    “I have an IQ”. Yea… a low one

  • Ritzcraka

    Ah, you’re an Obamazombie. How cute. Ya know, Lincoln was a republican. Honestly.