Toyota Camatte57s Concept is a Toy for All Ages

Toyota Camatte57s Concept is a Toy for All Ages

Toyota’s latest concept car puts the focus on fun. That’s because it’s a toy… literally.

Called the Camatte57s concept, Toyota will debut the interesting new machine at the 2013 Tokyo Toy Show from June 13 to June 16. And despite technically being a toy, it’s life-sized at 118-inches longer, seats three adults and it does actually drive.

The sporty, open-top concept is aimed at bringing parents and children closer together by providing an opportunity for them both to experience the fun of driving, car customization and car enthusiasm together. Major features of the Camatte57s include detachable body parts, roadster styling with a compact and intimate interior, plus it’s a vehicle that even children can drive.

Powered by an electric motor it can seat three in a triangular configuration.

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  • I love simple cars. One of my vehicles is an old 4.0L Wrangler. Though the EPA sticker is basically a skull-and-crossbones to warn the public about the poor tail pipe emissions, the vehicle is actually quite efficient b/c someday it will be disassembled with a Torx set, a socket set, and few screwdrivers. It’s simple plastic and metal components will be melted into a new vehicle.

    I wish dust-to-dust was a more important methodology for evaluating new cars b/c vehicles like this Toyota concept would score high marks. To be sure, the concept can be taken a bit too far as Daimler did with the Smart, crippling certain attributes (gearbox mainly) to achieve the best dust-to-dust ever measured; however, the dust-to-dust concept could do a lot for transportation and people. It encourages manufacturers to cut inefficient manufacturing procedures, and role the savings into developing recyclable materials. It also rewards human power and renewable electricity.

    Obviously, fuel efficiency is very important, particularly for the US, but other vehicular concepts can also be beneficial.