Trans Am Depot GTO Judge Teased in Video

Trans Am Depot GTO Judge Teased in Video

Based on the Chevrolet Camaro, the Trans Am Depot is adding yet another custom vehicle to its lineup, the 2014 GTO Judge.

Unfortunately Trans Am Depot didn’t reveal all the specifictions for its GTO Judge, but released a video of it beating a Shelby Mustang GT500 in a drag race. That’s probably not a huge surprise, considering that Trans Am Depot’s other creations boast well over 1,000 hp.

As for the price, it’ll run $30,000 plus a donor Camaro to transform your sports car into a unique ride. Included in the price is all the custom bodywork, Eibach springs, Honeycomb wheels, a Shaker hood, new lights all around the car, an iconic Hurst shifter, and decal package. The interior also sees some accessories in the form of a dash plaque, embroidered console, ’78-style two-tone leather seats, refaced gauges, and more.

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  • hogdust

    Man is that ugly

  • mikegto06

    I’ll stick to my 06 judge GTO. And put (The Judge) decal on the deck lid. And save the extra $30,000 towards my retirement.

  • The Brazen 1

    Nice looking GTO Judge… I have an ’06 GTO, and while I love it, I would love to have the Judge from TA Depot. Save for your retirement… I’ll have my fun NOW!


    I want one…. a new 2014 GTO Judge!!!!! Love this car!!! My father had a red one back in the day…. He has passed now but I know that he would be smiling on me if I got one!!! the power and the sexy nature of this car is just outstanding!!! 2 THUMBS UP!!!!