TVR ‘Roaring Back,’ Sold to British Interests

TVR ‘Roaring Back,’ Sold to British Interests

TVR is making a comeback as its website is subtly hinting with the words “Roaring Back…” with a British flag prominently displayed.

According to reports, the rights to manufacture TVR vehicles and components and use existing designs and manufacture components for existing cars, have recently been sold back to British interests located near London. The report comes Autocar in a recent interview with TVR’s former owner, Russian banker Nikolai Smolensky.

According to Smolensky, the deal was completed “some weeks ago” and the transaction involves a company fronted by a Surrey-based entrepreneur, Mr. Les Edgar. No sale price was mentioned, but Smolenski did acquire TVR in 2004 for a rumored price of £15 million ($23.4 million).

Interestingly enough, a private company called TVR Motor Cars Ltd. was incorporated at the end of April. Combine that with the fact that the website is hinting at a comeback and you can probably read between the lines that TVR will resurface in the near future.

[Source: Autocar UK]