Volkswagen Golf Production Hits 30 Million Milestone

Volkswagen Golf Production Hits 30 Million Milestone

Over the span of seven generations, Volkswagen has produced 30 million of its Golf hatchbacks.

While hatchbacks are often far down the U.S. car buyer’s totem pole, VW has managed to cultivate a cult following around its practical little compact. There’s a three-door, an five-door and the sportier GTI.

For perspective, Volkswagen said the Golf entered production in 1974 and since then an average of 2,000 have sold every day.The 30 millionth Golf to roll off the line is a TDI BlueMotion, which is the most fuel efficient Golf ever built.

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For the 2014 modle year, Volkswagen will transition the car to its new MQB architecture, although that version of the car won’t reach North America until the 2015 model year. When it does, there will be more than a new platform in the cards.

The German brand will also offer the Golf GTD, a diesel version of the GTI, for the first time in North America.

Aside from that, the cars will benefit from the fact that MQB will bring weight savings over the current Golf platform.

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