The Cars We’d Buy Our Dads for Father’s Day

The Cars We’d Buy Our Dads for Father’s Day

Editor-In-Chief Colum Wood's Picks

I didn’t grow up in a car-obsessed household. Nevertheless, I can recall my father telling me that if I ever won the lottery, to buy him a Porsche.

The first car I can recall in our family was a 1977 Ford LTD. Affectionately referred to as “the green Ford” my dad made do with it for years beyond its best ones. In fact, it was barely his car. In a single-income family he worked hard to buy something my mom could shuttle us around in while he took the bus. So for that, he deserves Germany’s finest.

Before the LTD, and before my recollection, he also owned a Fiat. A man with a natural penchant for story telling, I can remember one in which, on a twisty drive home from the airport after a business trip, a shiny new Corvette couldn’t shake him. Unfortunately the Fiat was only fast in the corners and after literally giving the car away to a neighbor’s kid he swore he’d never buy another vehicle that needed to build up speed in order to make it up a hill.

That said, I’m thinking not just any Porsche, but a 911 Turbo, is the right choice here. After all, I’ve got unlimited funds … and maybe this will make up for destroying the transmission on his Buick when I was in high school.

That Buick, by the way, was a LeSabre. And it was HUGE. When people talk of the stereotype of a Buick as a big land yacht with a bouncy suspension and a massive hood, they are thinking of a LeSabre.


In a pre minivan era it was the smart choice for a family. When he bought it the test drive included bringing it home to make sure his two tall sons fit in the back seat.

Those big cars also offered plenty of space for other things. My dad might not be the sort to tinker on his own cars, but he’s plenty handy, building shelves, decks and a lot more. The Buick and others made plenty of trips to the lumber yard. And for that reason what my Dad could really use is a pickup truck.

A part of me says a Toyota Tacoma would do the trick, or perhaps a Tundra because if you’re going to get a truck, you really should get a proper-sized one. Plus, he’s never been able to convince himself to pay the premium Japanese brands demand over the domestics. Another part of me says to get him the very new 2014 Chevy Silverado. Not too flashy. And a real work horse. Yea, that’s the one!

Maybe he can use it to help me haul the planks for my hardwood floor (and help install it too?). A father’s job is never done…

  • Dad

    Hi Mike,
    just wondering if the RV can tow the CTS on trips???
    – Dad

  • MistyGreen

    A Spark! That’s what it is. Man, that was killing me. didn’t know it had such a short rear overhang. Who’s buying that for dad?? 🙂

  • Mike Schlee

    Should be able to no problem. I’ll get you a car dolly.

  • R. Lougheed

    Ironically, I probably have fonder memories of that Safari than your dad does. Who knew such a practical vehicle was also capable of burnouts?! Oh, hi Mr. Schlee!

  • Mike Schlee

    And snow drifts. Don’t forget those.