The Cars We’d Buy Our Dads for Father’s Day

The Cars We’d Buy Our Dads for Father’s Day

News Editor Luke Vandezande's Pick

I’m imagining for a minute that I had the good fortune a few months ago to pour my savings into Tesla stock. Not that it was on my mind, but the scenario about to follow could have been possible if I had. Alas.

What the hell. It never hurts to dream, right? I would love to indulge my dad’s car tastes if I stumbled into some money. With that said, it would be an easy choice to make because we’ve been ogling cars together longer than I can remember.

First up, I would replace his long lost 1964 MGB. He left it behind to go to college and returned to learn only too late that the car had a new home. I’ll never forget the (perhaps hyperbolic) stories he used to tell me about dragging his knuckles on the ground while taking hairpin turns near Manitou Springs, Colo. There’s only one way to really know if it’s true: buying one and taking it for a spin in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


On the other hand, it might be nice to benefit from modern mechanical reliability, so my second choice is a little more practical. By a little, I really do mean only  little. It’s the Caterham 7 Superlight R500. That car would be a one way ticket to open wheel driving heaven. No, it’s not not the most powerful car on this list, but at just over 1115 lbs it doesn’t need to be.

  • Dad

    Hi Mike,
    just wondering if the RV can tow the CTS on trips???
    – Dad

  • MistyGreen

    A Spark! That’s what it is. Man, that was killing me. didn’t know it had such a short rear overhang. Who’s buying that for dad?? 🙂

  • Mike Schlee

    Should be able to no problem. I’ll get you a car dolly.

  • R. Lougheed

    Ironically, I probably have fonder memories of that Safari than your dad does. Who knew such a practical vehicle was also capable of burnouts?! Oh, hi Mr. Schlee!

  • Mike Schlee

    And snow drifts. Don’t forget those.