The Cars We’d Buy Our Dads for Father’s Day

The Cars We’d Buy Our Dads for Father’s Day

News Editor Jason Siu's Picks

My Dad isn’t a big car enthusiast believe it or not, but he still can recognize a good car when he sees one. Growing up in Hong Kong while it was under British rule, his younger years were filled with fine British vehicles roaming the streets, from MINIs to Rolls-Royces.

Many of the people growing up during those years in Hong Kong knew that Rolls-Royce was the pinnacle of luxury: the brand of automotive to aim for to prove you’ve “made it in life.” But as we all know, in a more realistic world, Rolls-Royce vehicles aren’t easy to come across, even if you’re successful in life. So the first car I would get my Dad if I won the lottery would be a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Why not a Phantom? Well, even though my Dad is retired now, he wouldn’t want to be driven everywhere and the Ghost offers the best of both worlds. It’s an amazingly fun car to be behind the wheel of, but it’s also luxurious enough to be chauffeured around in, maybe even by me!


As for the other vehicle, I would opt for something sporty and exhilarating to drive, which would be the McLaren MP4-12C. Of course the P1 would be the ultimate car to get your hands on from McLaren, but the MP4-12C is more practical. It’s not an over-the-top sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but offers the performance that a true sports car should deliver in a package that isn’t as flashy.

  • Dad

    Hi Mike,
    just wondering if the RV can tow the CTS on trips???
    – Dad

  • MistyGreen

    A Spark! That’s what it is. Man, that was killing me. didn’t know it had such a short rear overhang. Who’s buying that for dad?? 🙂

  • Mike Schlee

    Should be able to no problem. I’ll get you a car dolly.

  • R. Lougheed

    Ironically, I probably have fonder memories of that Safari than your dad does. Who knew such a practical vehicle was also capable of burnouts?! Oh, hi Mr. Schlee!

  • Mike Schlee

    And snow drifts. Don’t forget those.