2014 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Will Tow up to 9,200 Pounds

2014 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Will Tow up to 9,200 Pounds

RAM has announced that its 2014 1500 EcoDiesel will be able to tow up to 9,200 lbs, as much as most HEMI-powered RAM models.

The tow rating for the RAM 1500 V6 has also been improved for the 2014 model year, raising it to 7,450 lbs thanks to a more robust parking gear in the eight-speed automatic tranmission. The 2013 RAM 1500 V6 had a maximum tow rating of 6,500 lbs.

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Performance wise, the 2014 RAM 1500 makes 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque in EcoDiesel form while the V6 sports 305 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque.

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  • What consumers really want to know is what is it’s fuel economy rating ?

  • Alfie

    No MPG numbers are out yet… I don’t think anyway. They’re saying as much as 28 mpg highway though.

  • Dirtlump Dwayne

    I’m glad they didn’t sink much money into developing this because a hemi with an 8 speed is in 95% of cases a smarter purchase..

    As much as I like diesels, the new urea packing DPF having ones make less and less sense unless you’re a hard core tower. We have a fleet of 40 rams, and with the bigger gasse being available in the heavy duties, we are abandoning diesel almost altogether.

  • cr08

    I am very curious and because I genuinely don’t know the answer and would like to know: What would the parking gear have to do with increased towing capacity? The more indepth the answer, the better. 🙂

  • Todd St John

    My guess would be that the old parking gear wouldn’t hold that much weight.

  • seigell

    Parking Gear – static gear that holds the driveline from turning when parked on a slope. With engine off, there is no brake pressure except for the Parking Brake or the Park Gear. And enough people aren’t Smart Enough to use the Parking Brake when parking on a slope without a Trailer attached, let alone when there is all that extra “unbraked weight”.
    It’s not just while In Motion that Towing places a Strain on your Truck !!

  • cr08

    Yeah. I understood the actual parking aspect which, for all intents and purposes in most cases, is going to be a very minor amount of concern in towing cases and I would HOPE at least that people towing such heavy loads would have the brains to use the actual parking brake and better yet have some form of braking mechanism (even if it is as simple as old school chocks) for the towed load.

    If that is the case I have to wonder if the basis of towing capacity is not being made where it counts and is in actual ability to pull the load but rather a lowest common denominator and that in this case being the stress put on the parking pall when an idjit decides to rely solely on it to hold not only the towed load but the vehicle’s own weight on an incline.

  • matt

    of course they go off the lowest common denominator, otherwise people would try and have park hold 15k behind their half ton on steep hill and if something happened, they would blame RAM. this makes me wonder about manual equipped HDs, they dont rate the manuals the same as the autos, and obviously if you didnt use your parking brake but just put it in first, first holds lots of stress in those trucks, then they would have to rate it bu how much weight the static compression of the engine could hold if left in gear(but what gear…?)

    also, sadly my dad and I are pretty much the ONLY people I know who always uses the parking brake. father in law is the only one I know who tows anything significant and as far as I know he does use it while parked with a load behind him, but never does any time else…

  • ronman564

    I own an 05 3500 SRW heavy duty 4 X 4. I also use parking brake all the time. I know my Cummins has a high compression ratio, but still don’t all that stress on the transmission. By the way it has the NV5600 six speed manual.

  • kingshado

    For the added expense of maintaining a diesel, I can see no benefit to this model with its current tow and engine ratings. I would never consider getting rid of my 07 5.9 for this.

  • GKPrice

    Dodge, since late 1992 has made the correct judgement decisions on turbo diesel powerplants and I see no reason not to trust them now – “IF” you are stuck in the dark ages and cannot tear yourself away from that antiquated gasser that is fine, “someone” has to drive that stuff – I’ve been driving Ram diesels now for 20+ years with nothing but praise and a smile on my face, think I’ll continue …….

  • GKPrice

    urea is out – stay in tune with the latest technology !!

  • Safari-Rick

    yea, what good is it if it’s going to overheat going uphill carrying a 30 ft plus TT. That’s why I got rid of the Gas engine!

  • fjalsdjfal

    Um this article must be outdated. the official towing capacity on Ram’s website is a pathetic 6800-6950 lbs with the 3.0 diesel. So sad. I was ready to buy one. Not anymore. I might have to look at the 2015 titan with the cummins motor. I sure wish Ram would have stuck with cummins. And a straight 6. And Ram what’s up with 42k to 55k for a half ton? You are out of your mind! I might as well get a 3/4 or full ton for that price.