2015 Mustang to Kick Off with 1,000 Limited Edition 2014.5 Models

2015 Mustang to Kick Off with 1,000 Limited Edition 2014.5 Models

When the next-generation Ford Mustang arrives, it’ll be kicked off with a special edition run as a 2014.5 model year, limited to 1,000 units.

The limited 1,000 units will be the first Mustangs based on the new S550 platform and will undoubtedly become an instant collectors’ item, with each one sporting a special VIN and build number. As for hoping that it’ll be a high-performance variant, prepare to be disappointed. According to reports, the 2014.5 Mustang won’t feature any additional upgrades compared to the standard 2015 Mustang, but there’s a possibility of some special badging to commemorate the car’s 50th anniversary.

The next-generation Mustang is expected to come with several engine choices: a 2.3-liter, EcoBoost four-cylinder with around 350 horsepower, the base-model V6, and a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 with upwards of 450 horsepower. The 2015 Ford Mustang will feature an independent rear and we should be seeing a glimpse of it before the end of the year.

[Source: Mustangs Daily]

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  • Alfie

    I freaking LOVE that sketch…. even if you guys use it ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!!!!

  • smartacus

    2014.5 Mustangs will be better than 2015. 2016 Mustangs will be better than 2015.
    We’ll have to wait a couple of years to find out if I was right or wrong; but I think I’m gonna be right about this one.

  • Charlie Johnson

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  • Cubx

    I’m a Camaro guy myself. But I don’t see Mustang folks going for that at all. It’s cool, but it looks very tunerish.

  • AGE

    As a loyal Mustang Man I am sure that the end product will be outstanding there is no way that Ford at this juncture and with the Camaro back in the Picture will let GM out due them. If they do they will loose a lot of Loyal Mustang Owners and I sincerely hope that Ford has more sense then to bring back the “PINTO MUSTANG”.

  • kidinakorner

    The rear quarter looks allot like my 370z

  • Julian Venitezpeñuelax

    Is that a KIA, Hyundai or a Suzuki model with the Ford stamp on it?



  • Reynard Foxe

    Looks awesome. I want one!!!!! And finally independent rear suspension. This Mustang will tempt a lot of buyers who would have gone for a European or Japanese sports car but wish they could buy a decent American sports car.
    And all you whiners, there are plenty of old Mustangs to go around. You weren’t ever going to buy a new one anyway. The average Kia is more sophisticated than the Mustang. Just embarrassing, unless all you want to do with it is idle at the kerb and imagine you are cool.




    I think Ford needs to build a car that is 15 inches shorter than the Mustang and stuff a 5.0 in it. They just shouldn’t call it a Mustang. Bring the Torino back.. The Mustang name is synonymous with High Performance in Europe. And apparently they need a model with name recognition to break into the market since the Focus RS isn’t sporty enough.

  • Chris

    How can Ford shed 400 pounds AND add 30 horsepower!? The ’15 GT will compete with the 13/14 GT500 in acceleration and destroy it in the corners.

  • Chris

    Heck, even the 4-cylinder will run 13’s. Very exciting time for Mustang guys.

  • Jlaw

    This is just an artist’s rendering and has zero to do with the real new Stang, there is no way it will resemble your 370z Egg Car.

  • PAUL


  • Madlock

    Easy. Composites, aluminum and direct injection. Horsepower doesn’t always mean substantial additional weight.

  • Jay G

    As a 13 GT owner I have to seriously consider getting another mustang. I came from a 11 camaro SS. As for build quality and reliability I would go back to a 5th gen camaro any day!! I’m like most of you guys, I thought the 13+ looked cooler than the 11-12 model so I took a chance on it, plus I always wanted to try a 5.0. What a freaking mistake! If I could do it again I would just have gotten a camaro LE and called it a day! Make sure the 15 models do not come with MT82 manual tranny. One of the worst in business!

  • MargieBling

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH CHEVY MAN – BUT I’M A MUSTANG WOMAN……2014.5 2015 UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY YUCK! Own a 2013 GT Prem 5.0 Candy Apple Red Metallic Clearcoat droptop with Roush hood scoop, chin spoiler, side & rear skirts, custom interior hood liner, other chrome upgrades engine and interior, SHR fuel door, still working on other parts, only 1690 miles on my baby. New Mustangs will be allowed in Australia & Europe, that’s why this shrunken disgusting model coming up small. Prices will continue to increase on all old, beautiful, classic Mustangs, even the 2013 & 2014, not the 14.5 or 15.

  • jerryhuber

    Looks like a Fusion Hybrid to me. It may be 15 inches shorter but the front end overhang still looks excessive. The jury is still out on the 15 Stang, I’m holding on to my money.

  • i p standing

    dated rice tuner babble from a kid

  • i p standing

    mustang 2 of the furure

  • Rod Griffus

    I am shocked at how ugly this car is. If this is really what they plan to have the new Mustang looks like I will cancel my thoughts of purchasing one. Nissan can keep the ugly things and I will stick to my FORD MUSTANG!!!

    To think that for all these years I thought the Mustang II’s were the ugliest Mustangs ever. This will take over that roll! Wow!

  • Buffstang

    It’s Role, not Roll…and at least the Mustang II resembles a Mustang, unlike 1971-73 and 1979-93!

  • Rod Griffus

    Thank you for the grammar check! I think the Mustang II’s were nothing more than a Pinto with a few body line changes and the Mustang badging. Especially the hatchbacks

  • TomaHok

    This car looks really good, it just doesn’t look like a mustang. It looks like a it should have a 1.8 liter I4 and really good at handling, but as we all know mustangs are not like this.

  • john chach

    You guys are nuts or old and stuck in the caveman past. It’s time to move on from that old face and embrace the future. The four banger edition of this will destroy a 4·6 GT. And it should handle like a dream. Only time will tell.

  • lem onade

    Sure are a lot of old people stuck in the past hating

  • Knuckles Mutatis

    Truly modern & beautiful looking, but I doubt Ford will release a Mustang that looks like this, due to the complaints that would come from baby boomers in middle-America. Since that generation prefers the bulky old style muscle car look so much, maybe Ford should release something like this as a bit higher tier product aimed at the younger international scene.

  • Michael H.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if ford chose this body style. It’s noticeable that they’re trying to look for the super car potential in the mustangs future. Not to mention competing with the corvette.

  • Fed Up Union Worker

    Yuck :>

  • Joyce

    Yuck! I prefer the throw back look. This one is too modern.

  • R Mak

    The lines on this car is not true to the throw back look.
    Especially the rear end.
    Looks too generic far east type lines.
    I guess that’s who they’re trying to market China.

  • Carlos

    Beautiful, nice contemporary lines! You will always have haters! Great job! This is what I have waited for.