Alfa Romeo Spider (the Italian Miata) to Make 168-HP

Alfa Romeo Spider (the Italian Miata) to Make 168-HP

Much like the new Alfa Romeo 4C, the upcoming Alfa Romeo Spider will sport a contemporary design paired with a lightweight body when it hits the market in late 2015.

The Alfa Romeo Spider will be the Italian automaker’s version of the sports car it is jointly working on with Mazda. That means it will be built on the next-generation Mazda MX-5 platform and will be manufactured in Japan. As for its styling, it’s close to being signed off and is designed by Marco Tencone, chief designer at Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

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Tencone is also responsible for the Alfa Romeo 4C’s styling, so it’s expected that the Alfa Romeo Spider will be similar in terms of being contemporary in design and not retro. It’s worth noting that Pininfarina, which designed the 2010 Duettotanta concept is not involved with the Spider’s design. The car is expected to be about 13-feet long and 5.5-feet wide and will be lightweight at around 2,400 pounds.

As for what will lurk under the hood, the Alfa Romeo Spider is expected to have the same 1.4-liter TB MultiAir engine found in the Giulietta, but the more powerful 168 horsepower variant. It will be mated to a six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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  • smartacus

    168HP is not high enough.

    Even the next smart fortwo will have 100 and 125HP engines, plus optional 7spd DCT.

    That’s not really slow for a little car that only weights 1900 lbs!

  • Honest Abe

    Isn’t that how much the current Miata makes? But lighter? Then it’s plenty!

  • wfraser11

    168 hp in a 2400 pound car with a turbo and gobs of torque?
    Thats beau coup plenty for a small open top sports car.
    Smartacus might want a Mustang GT or a Camaro SS or a Vette
    if hes wanting the HP. Thats not what this car is all about.
    But make no mistake. It will still burn alot of those cars 0-60 because its so light.
    Not enough HP?

  • Aldo Garbellini

    Let me see, Alfa Romeo is the hot girl who promises a good time but never delivers. Good thing I have the ’88, Spider Veloce while the world waits for more empty promises. I believe Alfa is dead, or at least just barely alive. Fidel Castro continues to live in spite of no one seeing him running around.

    Alfa Romeo, at its less than one half of one percent market share, pretends to be alive…somewhere.

  • Martin Smarda

    I just can´t get it. At least I hope this information is incomplete. Why to develop a new(?) engine for the 4c and then not use it in the spider. Don´t get me wrong, 120 or 168hp are fine as standard-engines, but nowadays there has to be an option engine with 200+ hp.
    By the way, remember Chris Bangle’s quote that the MiTo looks like a squirrel that was kicked in the balls? Same goes for the 4c. Shame on Alfa to have ignored the Duettottanta-design. If the new Spider looks like the MiTo and 4c, then they can put in whichever engine they want. I go for the MX5 then. Or a used Honda S2000.

    I hope I´m wrong.

  • 1audiofile

    Horsepower is not the ultimate definition of the best car. Handling feel, quality and yes … RELIABILITY. Having an engine that utilizes an interference design is foolish. One broken belt and the engine is toast. I hope Alfa does live in the US again. I am starting to look foolish still driving my 1991 164S.