Alfa Romeo to Drop MiTo, Giulietta for RWD Sedans

Alfa Romeo to Drop MiTo, Giulietta for RWD Sedans

Alfa Romeo will be making some major changes to its lineup, as the Italian automaker will be dumping its MiTo and Giulietta hatchbacks around 2015 to make room for rear-wheel drive sedans.

In the future, Alfa Romeo will offer solely rear-wheel drive in its vehicles, and the move is part of a plan that involves a collaboration with luxury automaker Maserati. Starting in 2015, Alfa Romeo will launch its rival to the BMW 3 Series, which will be followed up by a larger, 5 Series rival in 2016. A pair of SUVs will then be added to the lineup, with all the new models sporting rear-wheel drive.

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CEO Sergio Marchionne has always made it clear that in order to compete with the German automakers and their vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure, cars simply have to be rear-wheel drive. So it’s not a huge surprise that the shift is being made; the big surprise is how soon it will come considering Alfa Romeo is in the midst of relaunching in America and has a lot going on.

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  • Alfaericwashdc

    YEEEEEESSSSSS! The MIto was probably a great little car. But it was NOT and Alfa Romeo. The Giulietta was only a reshaped Mito. Calling it a Giulietta doesn’t mean its a true Alfa romeo!. The Original is still way better looking and in a more elite class even it its day. These care are mere VW Golfs.. or Mini competitors. The badge alone carries a SUPREME Pedigree that the vehicles didn’t match to. THis is why sales were down. JMO. The 4C, Well thats getting there. The 8C. Speechless!

  • Turtle

    Excellent idea. I wonder if they will use a transaxle like the old rwd alfas to give good weight distribution?

  • Jason

    And then?