Armor All Wants You to ‘Murder Out’ Your Car

Armor All Wants You to ‘Murder Out’ Your Car

Armor All has released what sounds like a car-friendly version of Flex Seal. 

In case you’ve forgotten or are fortunate enough not to know, Flex Seal is the sprayable rubber in an aerosol can that Phil Swift will try to sell you during late-night infomercials. Seems like a good way to make a bad mess.

Now, Armor All has a similar spray-on product. At least in how it’s applied.


It’s called the “Custom Shield” coating, and drivers who want to protect their cars without slapping a bra on the front fascia have a new option. It creates a rubberized coating to protect against rock chips and light scratches. Armor All also says the stuff peels off by hand without leaving a residue or damaging the vehicle’s paint.

It costs $17 per can, and you’ll need to use tape and paper to deliver a clean line.

While the company will try to tell you the end result is attractive, it’s hard to say without seeing it in person. It does present some advantages. The Custom Shield comes in black, clear, gray or white and you can selectively spray it on areas you choose. It’s also supposed to be good for up to three months at a time.

The company also suggests using the spray-on rubber to add a custom look to your car. This is where it takes a turn for the ridiculous. Take the “Murdered Out” look pictured above. You can actually buy a “Murdered Out” kit that includes wide and thin rolls of painter’s tape, cans of Custom Shield, gloves, and cleaning products. The kit also includes tips on “how to get the Murdered Out” look for your car.

  • Hockeykid9

    Isn’t that the exact same as plastidip?

  • Tempest

    Disposable Plastidip, from the looks of it. Are you supposed to repaint your entire car every 3 months?