Audi A8 Matrix LED Headlights Not Heading to US

Audi A8 Matrix LED Headlights Not Heading to US

When the refreshed Audi A8 arrives in America next fall, it won’t be boasting the German automaker’s Matrix LED headlights.

Federal laws in America prohibit the active headlights’ computer-controlled technology, which allows them to instantly adjust their lighting path, darkening spots for oncoming cars or brightening areas for the driver. In teh U.S., the technology is actually considered a distraction and has been illegal for nearly 50 years.

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According to Audi, the new Matrix LED headlights relegate high-beam control to GPS sensors and cameras, claiming the sedan’s 50 LEDs will operate at maximum brightness without blinding other drivers on the road. So instead, Americans buying the A8 will have to settle for the standard LED headlights that have been fitted with new daytime running lights.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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