BMW i3 Production Vehicle to be Unveiled July 29 – Video

BMW i3 Production Vehicle to be Unveiled July 29 – Video

The official debut of the production BMW i3 will happen on July 29, 2013 the German automaker has announced.

Anticipation for the i3 has been growing ever since the first concept debuted years ago. Despite the i-electric program having its ups and downs in the recent years, BMW is confident that the i3 will be a game changer since it was built from the ground up to be an electric vehicle.

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The BMW i3 will measure in at about 153 inches long, making it one of its smallest models ever to be put into production. It will feature two regular front doors, and a pair of small rear doors that open in reverse, similar to what is found on the Mazda RX-8. It is expected that BMW will launch the i3 in two variants, one with a battery-powered electric motor churning around 170 hp and a range-extender hybrid version that adds a small displacement, two-cylinder motorbike engine that works as a generator to increase the small car’s driving range.

Watch a video below where BMW teases the new i3 and tells us that it’s time to learn a new German word: Vorfreude, which in directly translation means anticipation.

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GALLERY: BMW i3 Concept Coupe


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