BMW M4 Getting Turbo Engine, Lightweight Engineering

BMW M4 Getting Turbo Engine, Lightweight Engineering

Now that the BMW 4 Series has become official, it’s only a matter of time before the German automaker reveals its new M4, the successor to its popular M3 coupe.

In a recent interview with TopGear UK at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, BMW’s product manager for the automaker’s small to medium cars, Matt Collins, spilled some details up the M4’s development. The most notable comment from Collins is the fact that BMW isn’t rushing the development of the M4, “because it’s got to be as good as it can possibly be.”

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BMW’s new naming system means that we’ll never see an M3 coupe again, a model that has stood the test of time as BMW’s popular sports car. The focus on the M4’s development has been on lightweight engineering, which will aid in delivering additional performance on the new coupe through lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. The automaker didn’t want to simply just inject a more powerful engine into the 4 Series body and call it a day, but rather make improvements throughout the vehicle so it lives up to its name.

Collins also explained how BMW is able to look at the technology its developed for its “i” sub-brand of electric vehicles, which uses carbon fiber and reinforced plastic to shed pounds.

One thing is for sure, the BMW M4 will feature a turbocharged powerplant, much like the new M5 and M6 models. But it’s unlikely that a heavy V8 will find its way under the hood of the smaller coupe, which means an inline-six is more likely.

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[Source: TopGear UK]

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  • Alfie

    So… basically they’re going to ruin it like they ruined the M5?

  • Rodrigo

    What they`ve done that ruined the m5 ?

  • Alfie

    It’s a huge pig of a car now. Sure, it’s still fun and fast, but really not a “driver’s car” any more.

  • Neil

    Agree 110% with Alfie