BMW M5 Nighthawk Has 567 HP, Limited to Japan

BMW M5 Nighthawk Has 567 HP, Limited to Japan

There won’t be many built and BMW is only offering them in Japan, but the Bavarian brand unveiled an especially attractive limited run of its mid-size sport sedan today.

It’s called the M5 Nighthawk, and there will only be 10 built. BMW dresses the sedan in matte black paint with slightly darker black 20-inch allow wheels. The kidney grilles, door handles mirror caps, exhaust and rear diffuser are also finished in a dark chrome.

The cabin is finished with orange leather and carbon fiber inlays, but the real excitement comes under the hood. That’s because this car comes with a specially-tuned version of BMW’s bi-turbo V8 tweaked to make and extra 15 hp for a total 567. While that’s not a massive increase, it shaves a tenth of a second off the car’s 0-60 sprint, allowing the German brute to reach that speed in 4.2 seconds.

That power boost is actually there because BMW includes its new “Competition Package” on the car, which is also available on the 2014 BMW M6.

Other enhancements include an active rear differential, M chassis control system and a lowered and stiffened suspension. BMW stickers the car at 18,200,000 Yen, which translates to $181,600. That’s about $90,000 more than you would pay for the base M5, or about $69,000 more than a generously loaded version.

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  • Anthony

    The 0-60 time quoted is incorrect. Please edit accordingly

  • Luke Vandezande

    Thanks for pointing it out and sorry about that.

  • Scott

    It’s really only adding a whopping 7 hp lol. 560hp is stock. The cosmetics can be done aftermarket so big deal.