Caterham Planning Renault-Based Crossover, City Car

Caterham Planning Renault-Based Crossover, City Car

Besides partnering on a sports car, it looks like Renault and Caterham are also expected to produce a small crossover and a city car together. 

“Sports cars will do well but the city car and SUV are what the (Asian) market really wants,” Caterham Chairman Tony Fernandes told Reuters. “If we get the SUV right it will be huge.”

Both models may launch sometime soon after the sports car, which is expected in 2016. The automakers will leverage collective experience from F1 racing to try and establish the Caterham-branded Renaults as contenders in the performance segment.

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The crossover will try to emulate the success of the Range Rover Evoque according to Fernandes. Both models will be shipped to Asia in semi-finished form, where they will be completed.

The joint sports car is expected to have initial production of “several thousand,” a number which Fernandes says will be much higher for the crossover and small car.

Caterham is “unheard of in Asia but it will become better known as we move up the F1 grid,” said Fernandes. “The new models will have Renault engines so it’s important to have a Renault engine in the F1 car.”

[Source: Reuters]

  • B Sensible

    ha…i see now the strategy is targeting the sports enthusiasts who don’t want to pay big dollar for top end sports car! what i think the car suspension needed to be well tuned as most of the roads in asia are bumpy, twisty, hilly, potholes, flooding…

  • smartacus

    why doesn’t Caterham tune the upcoming Renault Twingo / smart fortwo?
    It will never be a hot rod, but if they can get it to grip, handle, and brake… oh wow.