Charging in Under 10 Minutes Coming: Tesla Exec Says

Charging in Under 10 Minutes Coming: Tesla Exec Says

Current technology will allow Tesla Model S owners to recharge their cars to about half capacity in roughly 20 minutes, but that time will be much lower in the future.

Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel said he thinks it will be possible to reduce charging times to between five and 10 minutes in the future. The comment came during an interview with the MIT Technology Review, in which Straubel also said reaching that goal will be difficult. He didn’t specify when he thought Tesla might be able to offer such rapid charging times.

Straubel also didn’t specify how much of the battery would be refilled in that time.

Chargers that are part of the brand’s Supercharger network use 120-kilowatts, which is higher than the SAE’s new fast-charging standard. That system only climbs as high as 100 kilowatts.

In late May, Tesla announced plans to expand its Supercharger network to include 100 stations by 2015.

[Source: MIT Technology Review]

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