Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Test Nets 816 Miles on a Tank

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Test Nets 816 Miles on a Tank

Something interesting happened this year in the world of domestic compact cars. Chevrolet released a diesel version of its globally-marketed Cruze sedan.

General Motors has one goal in mind with its new oil burner: stealing sales from the diesel Volkswagen Jetta. Banter back and forth about style and build quality differences between the two if you like, but the battle will really be decided by fuel economy. You should expect 46 mpg on the highway if the EPA estimates are accurate, which translates to about 717 miles of driving range.

In an effort to test that, GM Inside News borrowed a diesel Cruze and drove the car from full to empty. It lasted for 816 miles without sputtering on fumes, at which point the site gave it another five gallons.

The trip began in Hoboken, New Jersey and covered a loop to the car’s Lordstown, Ohio birthplace and back on a single tank.

More impressively, the site reported that the car managed up to 56 mpg during the test that saw it beat EPA estimates by a whopping 100 miles.

[Source: GM Inside News]

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  • *its globally-marketed Cruze sedan

  • Drew

    Yet this car will still get hated on by most because it is an American car brand and Japanese.

  • Drew

    err.. not Japanese*

  • Steve Mid

    I get about 650 mile to a tank on my run to work and back, provided I don’t get a DPF burnout. Drops to about 600 miles on a tank where this happens (163HP diesel, 6 speed MT)

  • aseries

    Still driving your ’71 Vega?