Connected Car Tech Difficult, Expensive to Implement

Connected Car Tech Difficult, Expensive to Implement

In recent years, automakers have been testing car-to-car communication technologies in hopes of building a future with vehicles that communicate with one another.

Some experts still say the benefits outweigh the costs, expressing that a connected highway system will require not only a considerable investment by automakers and suppliers, but consumers will have to be willing to accept any additional costs associated with the technology.

A panel at the Telematics Update Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure for Auto Safety conference believes it will require huge investments in infrastructure to make the technology common enough to reap the benefits.

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The panel believes that no company or agency has the adequate funding to create the infrastructure needed to support the technology and begin mass implementation. And of course there’s the issue of consumer acceptance, especially if the technology comes at a price and the benefits don’t outweigh the costs.

It is believed that few consumers are willing to saddle added costs for the benefit of owning a connected vehicle, even if it expedites their commute. It’s one thing to observe the social benefits of a connected highway, but is also has to have economic benefits to the consumers, said Drue Freeman, senior vice president of global automotive sales and marketing at semiconductor manufacturer NXP.

[Source: Automotive News]