Dodge is ‘Here to Stay:’ Chrysler Executive Says

Dodge is ‘Here to Stay:’ Chrysler Executive Says

Rumors that Dodge has been earmarked for the slaughterhouse are false according to SRT CEO Ralph Gilles.

One month ago today, a speculative story on Wards Auto theorized that Dodge might soon disappear. Nameplates would be parsed out to other members of the Fiat-Chrysler family and, at least in theory, the norm would be maintained.

Not so, says Gilles, one of the industry’s more social-media savvy executives. Responding to a question asked of him via Instagram, Gilles denied that Dodge could be on the way out, although he did admit the brand might become “more focused” in the future.

Ambiguous as that is, it’s easy to imagine Gilles’ comment signaling brand outliers like the Grand Caravan minivan and Durango body-on-frame SUV being discontinued.

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  • smartacus

    The way he said it is proof positive that Dodge is going to be shuttered

  • ColumWood

    I wouldn’t go that far… but it there may be something to the rumors.

  • Buddy Bup

    I think you are both enormous idiots. Obviously Dodge isn’t going anywhere. What kind of idiot would toss away all that brand recognition?

  • RipM

    it would be a shame…and poor marketing if they killed off Dodge. I don’t really know what was wrong with Dodge Ram trucks in the first place. Maybe the name has some negative connotations to brie-eating yuppies…but they won’t be buying many Dodges or Chryslers anyway….

  • Vince Capece

    So with the Grand Caravan and Durango gone…also the Journey (becoming a Chrysler) and Avenger not coming back…that leaves the Charger, Dart, and Challenger and their combined 200k in US sales. That’s half of the volume of the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. That’s not a brand…that’s a moderately successful model. How do you support a whole brand on those tiny numbers?

  • JS

    Um, Durango isn’t Body on Frame and hasn’t been since last generation 2009-back…? Durango is uni-body and shares platform with Grand Cherokee…although I’ve heard for two years that Durango will be discontinued and replaced with Grand Wagoneer (Jeep instead of Dodge)