Edmunds Sues Company for Writing Fake User Reviews

Edmunds Sues Company for Writing Fake User Reviews

Edmunds.com filed a lawsuit against online reputation management company Humankind Design Ltd. for attempting to post fraudulent reviews.

Edmunds filed the lawsuit in Texas after it discovered that Humankind had tried to register almost 2,200 fake members. The website has also identified 25 dealers that hired Humankind to populate the site with fake, positive reviews. According to Edmunds, Humankind attempted its first fake review on the site back in January, and in early March, employees monitoring the reviews discovered a large number of registrations and reviews were not genuine.

According to Humankind, it simply filled out reviews based on comment cards received from the dealerships and that it had complied within the terms of agreement on Edmunds’ website.

Humankind’s website claims that it specializes in online reputation management, SEO, and web development.

[Source: Automotive News]