Fiat Considering to Shift Production Out of Italy

Fiat Considering to Shift Production Out of Italy

Sergio Marchionne already said he’s considering moving Fiat’s corporate headquarters to the U.S., and now Alfa Romeo’s production could shift over as well.

Over the recent years, Marchionne has made his distaste for conducting business in Italy clear, complaining about high cost and obstacles. With Alfa Romeo launching in the U.S. by 2015, it’s a possibility Marchionne would move production of those models to America.

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Marchionne is working hard to complete the Fiat-Chrysler merger, and has made it clear that once the merger is finished he plans on shifting from the Italian stock market to the New York Stock Exchange. Recently, the CEO went on the record that Fiat “needs clear and reliable rules” before it is willing to invest more money into Italy and is putting further investments on hold.

Fiat and Chrysler have been boosting production outside of Europe as the combined automakers work on expanding global production. Alfa Romeo could be the next automaker on the list of brands to make the shift, especially if more Chrysler models share Alfa Romeo platforms.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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