Ford Plug-in Vehicles: 60 Percent of Trips are Gas Free

Ford Plug-in Vehicles: 60 Percent of Trips are Gas Free

Early aggregate data gathered from the MyFord Mobile app shows that Ford plug-in hybrid vehicles are being driven in electric-only mode 60 percent of the time.

Recently, Ford announced that it had its best hybrid sales quarter ever, with many of its plug-in hybrid owners taking advantage of the vehicles’ 21 miles of gas-free range. MyFord Mobile, which is available for download through Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, shows that vehicles tied to the app are driven 60 percent of the time in electric-only mode, with an improvement in the figure over the first 30 days of vehicle ownership.

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This suggests that owners are actually taking notes from the information given by the app to improve their driving experience and saving on gas. Earlier this year, data showed that 41 percent of driving time was done in electric-only mode while data as recent as July 16 show the 60-percent figure. According to the American automaker, 84 percent of one-way trips are distances of 20 miles or less.

Other data revealed by the app include the average charge time is 185 minutes, and noon to 2:00 PM is when most charge station searches are conducted on the app. About six-million charging stations are found every month through MyFord Mobile.

“We”re already seeing just how useful MyFord Mobile is, both from a customer point of view in terms of day-to-day driving and also from a company standpoint,” said Joe Rork, MyFord Mobile product manager. “We look at the data closely to make decisions about the evolution of MyFord Mobile and the vehicles themselves.”

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