Ford to Build Current, Next F-150 Simultaneously

Ford to Build Current, Next F-150 Simultaneously

According to a recent report, Ford will continue to build its current-generation F-150 at the same time as its next-generation F-150 to safeguard itself against potential headaches with the extensive changes happening to the truck.

The Ford F-Series was the best-selling vehicle in 2012, so it’s no surprise that Ford wants to be sure its trucks are available without interruption. The American auto maker plans to produce its current F-150 and the new model side-by-side for about six months to avoid interrupting sales. Production on the next-generation F-150 is expected to begin July 2014, which means the current F-150 will remain in production until the end of 2014.

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According to Morgan Stanley, the F-Series pickup trucks and SUV derivatives account for more than 90 percent of the auto maker’s global profits, which means an interruption in the F-150 production could prove costly. The F-150 is currently built in Kansas City, Missouri and Dearborn, Michigan with the Dearborn facility partially shut down during the last week of June for some upgrades to get ready for the new F-150 production.

The next-generation Ford F-150 was previewed at the Detroit Auto Show this year with the Ford Atlas concept. Ford is looking to cut at least 700 pounds from its truck through the use of aluminum and lightweight materials.

GALLERY: Ford Atlas Concept Live

Ford-Atlas-Concept (1).JPGFord-Atlas-Concept (3).JPGFord-Atlas-Concept (2).JPGFord-Atlas-Concept (9).JPGFord-Atlas-Concept (30).JPGFord-Atlas-Concept (9).JPG

GALLERY: Ford Atlas Concept


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