General Motors Fires Exec for Fixing Emissions Tests

General Motors Fires Exec for Fixing Emissions Tests

General Motors has announced that it has fired its top powertrain executive, Sam Winegarden, over irregularities in the American automaker’s emission-testing programs in India.

Sources are also reporting that along with Winegarden, 10 other GM Powertrain employees have been let go in the U.S. and India, though GM has only confirmed that it has “dismissed several employees” on the basis that they violated company policy.

The dismissal is related to a recent recall issued in India for the Chevrolet Tavera, which affects 114,000 vehicles. The automaker recalled the utility vehicle to address emission and specification problems and according to Indian media, GM admitted to the government that employees purposely manipulated emission inspections in order to meet standards.

According to a report from India’s Economic Times, GM India employees swapped out engines in the new Tavera models for lower-emission engines in order to meet specifications. The recall is the country’s largest ever and is GM’s first recall in India since 1995.

Winegarden has been the American automaker’s top engine exec since 2004.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Boston Bob

    In India? Why do we care?

  • Philly Dad

    Cause it could have happened to any american model. I am pretty sure you wuld have cared then.

  • chavitz

    Yes, it happened to quite few Detriot-made models too ,but US government agencies have been being protecting those so-called big three and bribe-taking car-rating/review companies sometimes even give those rubbish cars top ranking to fool consumers