Honda Civic Tourer to Get Rear Adaptive Dampers

Honda Civic Tourer to Get Rear Adaptive Dampers

The Honda Civic Tourer, which is set to be launched in Europe early 2014, will feature a world-first rear Adaptive Damper System, the Japanese automaker has announced.

According to Honda, the Civic Tourer will be the first production model to feature such a system, which was developed to enhance stability and control under different load and driving conditions that the Civic Tourer is likely to experience. Available as an option, the system will offer three different modes: Dynamic, Normal, and Comfort.

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While the technology isn’t anything new – adaptive damping has been around for over a decade – Honda is correct in the claim that the Civic Tourer will be the first production vehicle to feature the system fitted to the rear axle only. The front of the Civic Tourer will retain conventional dampers. According to Honda, the cost to add the system on the front as well was too high, and the automaker said the Civic Tourer will have 80 percent of the functionality of a four-corner system, but at half of the cost, weight, and complexity.

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