Honda Ridgeline Production to Stop in September 2014

Honda Ridgeline Production to Stop in September 2014

Honda’s Ridgeline compact truck will exit production in a little over a year’s time according to a new report.

Don’t expect the dismissal to be permanent, though. According to Wards Auto, the truck will disappear in late 2014 only to reappear mid-way through 2016.

Honda introduced the truck in 2005 as a 2006 model year, and sales reached their peak in 2006. The company sold 50,193 that year and those numbers generally been in decline ever since. That fact stirred speculation that Honda would drop the Ridgeline, despite the brand denying that notion.

Plans for the truck after its hiatus aren’t clear, but other automakers are beginning to revisit the small truck segment.

General Motors will being two new small trucks to the market soon under the Chevrolet and GMC brands. Those models will aim at separate target markets. Meanwhile, Toyota continues to sell the Tacoma, and Nissan the Frontier.

[Source: Wards Auto]

  • Carleon

    Is this your own speculations or what are you talking about, if is true then it seems Honda manufacturing are getting behind. Honda is going to loss a lot of costumers.

  • LifesGood

    Honda needed to put a diesel engine under the truck. The small market is a great nix to be in for sales.
    I am truly amaze why GM has not reintroduced the ElCamino line of small trucks. The retro is in and this could of been the one.
    The would pull great and had good full frames and rode like a car with decent fuel economy. One would have to state why the heck not.