Hyundai Blue Link Used Over 6.8M Times – Infographic

Hyundai Blue Link Used Over 6.8M Times – Infographic

Originally launched almost two years ago in the Hyundai Veloster and Sonata, Blue Link is now available in most Hyundai models, providing access to over 30 cloud-enabled safety and convenience features for its owners.

Now the South Korean automaker has released an infographic detailing some of Blue Links’s statistics since its launch, which now has over 400,000 subscribers and has been interacted with over 6.8 million times. Over 10,700 subscribers have used the emergency support from the Blue Link Assurance features, with 88 percent of the Blue Link-equipped vehicles stolen being recovered. On average, 300 service appointments are scheduled daily through Blue Link while over 500,000 alerts have been sent to remind owners that maintenance is due on their vehicle.

Blue Link’s remote services (remote lock, remote unlock, and remote start) have been used nearly 2.9 million times while the panic notification has been triggered almost one million times. Hyundai also announced that 60 percent of its Blue Link app downloads are Apple iOS users while the remaining 40 percent are part of the Google Android family. The complete infographic is shown below.

Hyundai Blue Link Infographic


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